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Miscellaneous Info

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Prescription or shooting glasses and ear plugs, if used

Medications and/or vitamins, if applicable

Good tennis shoes for shooting & exercising


Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, hair dryer

Clothes hangers, sheets, pillow & pillow cases, towels & pencils

Sport clothes suitable for shooting, jogging & exercising


The Louisiana Shooting Camp will conduct separate camps:

Rifle, Pistol & Running Target with Air Gun



Ammunition, targets, some air rifles and air pistols will be furnished. Shooters are urged to bring their own equipment as part of their training which is based on adapting a rifle for your personal use. Rifles must be single shot with adjustable sights and sling swivels with sling. Ear protection & safety glasses are required of everyone on the range. Prescription glasses are acceptable. Some rifles, kneeling rolls, gloves, spotting scopes, safety glasses and ear muffs are available.



Any junior 20 years of age or younger may apply. Competitive experience, even in small matches, will be helpful. Coaching will be available for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels.

Application Deadline


Completed forms accompanied with fees should be postmarked on or before July 1, 2003. Make checks payable to Venture Crew 935 and forward to 3308 Angelique Drive, Violet, LA, 70092. Each camper must fill out their application; no group entries will be accepted. A refund will be granted if the cancellation is received by the Camp Director before July 12, 2003. No refunds will be issued once camp begins even though the camper leaves due to illness or is dismissed for the good of the camp.

Camp Fees

 $ 80.00 fee will accompany your application. This fee purchases certificates and T-shirts, Targets and some firearms; acquire coaches, housing and meals.


Campers will be housed at Jackson Barracks, New Orleans, LA. Chaperones and transportation from housing to range will be provided.


If you need someone to meet you at the airport or bus terminal, be sure to give Date, Time and Place of Arrival on your application.



Meals will be provided for each camper beginning with dinner on July 16 through breakfast on July 20, 2003.




Contact CSM Mickey Brondum

Telephone 504-682-7597 or 504-343-7597