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Louisiana Junior Shooting Camp

July 16 July 20, 2003


You are encouraged to bring your equipment that you will be using during the year so that coaches can help you adapt it to your shooting style.

The Camp will provide .177 Air Pellets. The following items will be available in limited supply: .177 Air Rifles & Air Pistols, shooting mats, kneeling rolls, spotting scopes, shooting gloves, equipment, ammo loading blocks, ear plugs, muffs and safety glasses. EYE AND EAR PROTECTION IS REQUIRED IN THE RANGE. IF YOU OWN YOUR RIFLE, PLEASE BRING IT WITH YOU.

The following is a listing of shooting equipment, by discipline, and other items which State Shooting Camp participants will need. Please review this information and bring appropriate items with you to Camp.

Rifles Pistols

Eye protection Eye protection

Ear protection Ear protection

.177 caliber air pellet rifle, adjustable sights .177 air pellet pistol, adjustable

Shooting jackets sights

2 sweat shirts Spotting scope

. Shooting gloves Stop watch or wrist watch with

Sling second hand

Kneeling roll Cleaning equipment

Shooting mat Flat-soled, sturdy shoes

Spotting scope, adjustable to 4 positions

Stop watch or wrist watch Running Game

Cleaning Equipment Rifle with scope




Contact CSM Mickey Brondum

Telephone 504-682-7597 or 504-343-7597