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February 23, 2000

Jack Withers

430 Withers Lane

Woodville MS 39669

Dear Rifle Instructor,

I am a high school Physics and Technology teacher and am active in coaching young shooters. Presently, I coach Running Target for the U.S. Shooting team and also coach rifle and pistol for my 4-H and NJROTC teams. Shooting is a great sport and offers a unique developmental activity for young people. Recently, I was happy to be appointed Civilian Marksmanship Program Director of Junior Activities for the State of Mississippi. I believe Mississippi has as much shooting talent as any other state and hope I can help to develop a better program for junior shooting in Mississippi.

The CMP, USA Shooting, The National Guard, NRA and 4-H have shooting programs for school age young people. However, a large number of these young shooters have limited match opportunities. Many of these juniors shoot postal matches but few have the opportunity to shoot a "shoulder to shoulder" match in either local, state or national tournaments.

Accordingly, the match described in the enclosed announcement, will be offered this year and annually. I hope you will consider sending your team to the state match so they can compete for the State Championship and the privilege of representing Mississippi in Atlanta on the ranges of the 1996 Olympic Games. Having been fortunate enough to be a Range Officer there in 1996 and several times since, I can say, without doubt; the ranges are beautiful, the electronic targets are a wonder to use and your juniors will have a trip to remember for a lifetime.


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Jack Withers