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3 position air rifle

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Louisiana 3-Position Air Rifle Junior Olympic Sporter and Precision Tournament in conjunction with the NRA Junior 3-Ppsition Air Rifle Sectional:

Dates: Explorer Post 935

Loaction Building 55, Jackson Barracks, New Orleans, La

Course of Fire: The course of fire will be 3X20 ( 20 Prone, 20 Standing and 20 kneeling ) bor both precision and sporter.

ELIGIBILITY: Any student currently enrolled in Middle or High School ( or equivalent education program such as home schooling).  USA Shooting individual junior memberships are not required for participation in state qualifying competitions.

FEES:  15.00 covers both Junior Olympic and NRA Sectional.

RELAYS:     Competition will start at 8:30am ( 0830 hrs.) each day first relay at 8:30am and each additional relay will be 2 hrs. and 15 minutes thereafter.

NATIONAL 3-POSITION AIR RIFLE JUNIOR OLYMPIC CHAMPIONSHIP:  The state will call USA Shooting to verify that our state will enter a precision and/or sporter team and attend the National 3-Position Air Rifle Junior Olympics in Atlanta.  The top ranking Precision and the top Sporter team will be invited to the National Competition.  Additional invitations will be given up to 50 nationally ranked individuals, space available.  These invitations will go to the top 25 sporter and top 25 precision individual shooters who are not members of teams that qualify for the national championship.  These individuals will be identified to the states by 15 may 2000.  Final submission date for competition travel is 24 may 2000.  Championship will be 8-13 June 2000 at Tom Lowe Shooting Grounds-Olympic Complex, Atlanta, Ga.

POS for State Competition: CSM Michel Brondum, Jr. 3308 Angelique Dr, Violet, La 70092 Tel 504-682-7597

We request that Clubs call for relay times.



Contact CSM Mickey Brondum

Telephone 504-682-7597 or 504-343-7597